President Bush is touring the United States to promote his domestic agenda. But at each stop, he is also rallying support for the war on terrorism. During a visit to a school in the state of Ohio, he spoke directly to the concerns of America's young people.

The president's comments in Ohio on the war were directed at the teenagers in the audience

"I want to assure the seniors and juniors and sophomores here at Hamilton High School that the efforts that this great country is engaged in - the effort to defend freedom and defend our people, the effort to rout out terror wherever it exists - is noble and just and right," Mr. Bush said.

President Bush said he longs for peace, but stressed America has a responsibility to defend freedom.

"Freedom is a precious gift one generation can pass to the next. It is a gift, and a promise that I intend to keep," he said.

His remarks on the war drew loud, sustained applause. Mr. Bush went to the school to sign a wide-ranging education reform bill.