A senior member of the Jordanian royal family has criticized the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq. Prince Hassan says more American troops will not be able to pacify Iraq.

Prince Hassan is the uncle of Jordanian King Abdullah, and he is considered one of the Middle East's foremost authorities on foreign affairs.

Prince Hassan told British radio he is worried that violence is spinning out of control in Iraq, Jordan's eastern neighbor.

"Occupation breeds resistance, and resistance provokes extreme violence of the occupiers, which causes more pain and suffering, leading to even more stern resistance," he said. "And it is a spiral of violence, whether you call it a national uprising or whether you call it partial uprising, the fact is that without dealing with the root cause of the problem, notably the occupation itself, I really do not see how the arrival of new troops is going to address the issue on the ground."

The U.S. military commander in the Middle East, General John Abizaid, has asked for 10,000 more troops in Iraq following a surge in combat with militants there.

Prince Hassan says Iraq is part of a spreading international conflict that he fears will claim more and more lives.

"Acts of terror, genocide, two major recent wars, deaths of many thousands of all races and religions. Where does the violence stop?" he asked. "All I see is a series of unfinished business: Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine. So it is not a Third World War between armies. It is something more insidious. I think it is Third World Anarchy, if you will, which is progressing as we speak."

Prince Hassan expressed his pessimist views ahead of King Abdullah's trip to Washington next week for talks with President Bush on Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict