On the 10th anniversary of the death of Diana, the Princess of Wales, her sons organized a memorial service to pay tribute to their mother, who died in a car crash in Paris. For VOA, Tom Rivers in London reports.

The official memorial service took place at the Guard's Chapel, near Buckingham Palace. The entire program, organized by Diana's sons, William and Harry, was a tribute to the spirit of the woman who changed the very face of the monarchy.

Addressing the 500 invited guests, Prince Harry, in heartfelt tones, recalled his mother as full of life, fun and laughter. But, he said, Diana also had her serious side as a tireless campaigner to raise awareness about AIDS and landmines.

"She will always be remembered for her amazing public work. But behind the media glare, to us - just two loving children - she was quite simply the best mother in the world," he said.

Harry, 22, says he and his older brother William, 25, think about their mother every day and the qualities she brought into the lives of others.

"She made us and so many other people happy. May this be the way that she is remembered," he said.

Diana was known as the people's princess, and that recognition was again on display outside of Kensington Palace, Diana's London residence.

Just as on every anniversary since her death, floral tributes were placed on the palace fences and gates in a sign of respect.

The princess may have been gone for a decade now, but interest in her shows no sign of waning.

And, come October, Diana will once again be in the headlines when the official coroner's inquest into her death opens.