Prominent former judges and lawmakers in Pakistan are urging President Pervez Musharraf to quit his army post and let the Supreme Court hold elections through a neutral caretaker administration.

In a letter to General Musharraf, they say the president has failed to respect the oath he took as army chief that he would not indulge in politics.

Two former chief justices of Pakistan, Sajjad Ali Shah and Seeduzzaman Siddiqui, and two former National Assembly speakers, Elahi Bakhsh Soomro and Syed Fakhar Imam, are among the eight prominent personalities who signed the letter.

Last month, a similar letter was sent to President Musharraf by 18 prominent politicians, including several former aides to the military leader.

The letters come amid criticism of the government in parliament for alleged corruption, a charge denied by the government.

The opposition in parliament has said it plans to present a no-confidence motion on August 23.