Activists around the world took to the streets this past weekend to protest against a possible U.S. military attack in Iraq. In Europe, protestors marched in Paris, France, and Berlin, Germany holding up anti-war signs and chanting.

In Heidelberg, Germany, about 450 people held a peace rally near a U.S. military base. The crowd included several children and elderly people who recalled the horrors of world war two. In Branford, England, clergymen led 2,000 marchers in a peaceful anti-war protest. The marchers said a war with Iraq is based on oil interests and not on finding weapons of mass destruction.

Demonstrators throughout Turkey?Iraq?s neighbor--also voiced their opposition to a war. Police in Istanbul arrested several protestors after using tear gas and batons to break up the march there.

And in Washington, D.C., protestors braved chilly temperatures and held two days of anti-war rallies throughout the city. Tens of thousands of people gathered at the National Mall to oppose military action in Iraq and to hear speeches from actress Jessica Lange and civil rights leader, Jesse Jackson.

Other protestors marched through the city to Lafayette Park. The protest went without incident until some of them began to try to block the street. Police arrested several people.