Former Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader is expected to announce Sunday whether he will run for the White House again in 2004.

A Nader spokeswoman says the consumer-advocate and one-time presidential candidate will announce his decision on the NBC television program Meet the Press on Sunday.

The spokeswoman says Mr. Nader will be available for interviews after the program, indicating to some analysts that he has decided to run for president again this year.

Another Nader bid for the White House would be very controversial. A number of Democrats blame him for Al Gore's narrow loss in 2000, arguing that the votes he won in Florida and in other closely contested states helped throw the election to George W. Bush.

In December, Mr. Nader said he would not seek the Green Party nomination again this year but left the door open to a run as an independent candidate.

But if does run as an independent, Mr. Nader could face difficulties in getting on all 50 state ballots in time for the November election.

As the Green Party candidate in 2000, Ralph Nader was on nearly every state ballot and received two-point-seven percent of the popular vote.

Some former Nader supporters are urging him not to run again this year. In Colorado, two former Nader supporters have founded a Web site called '' in hopes of deterring another bid for the White House.