American movie star Sylvester Stallone says he wants to go to Burma to confront the ruling generals face-to-face about their human rights violations.

In his fourth Rambo film, a series about violent Vietnam veteran from the U.S. military, the character goes to Burma to rescue Christian aid workers from a group of brutal Burmese soldiers who kidnapped them.

Burma has banned the film and police in Rangoon have given strict orders to shops not to sell pirated copies of the movie.

Stallone, who stars in, directs and co-wrote the movie, told reporters he hopes the film will provoke a confrontation. The actor says he is willing to travel to Burma to confront ruling military officials, or to debate them in Washington at a congressional hearing.

Stallone says Burmese who have been able to see the movie are using some of the film's lines, such as, "Live for nothing, die for something," as rallying points. He says such reaction makes it one of the proudest moments he has had in film.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.