President Bush says contributions from American school children will help many children in Afghanistan survive the coming winter as their country's government is under attack from U.S. warplanes. The president met Tuesday with children who have given money to a Red Cross fund to help the children of Afghanistan.

Since asking each American child to send one dollar to the White House last week, President Bush said he has received 90,000 contributions to the Afghan children's fund.

"Winter arrives early in Afghanistan," he said. "It's cold, really cold, and the children need warm clothing, and they need food and they need medicines."

Thanks to American children who have contributed to the Red Cross fund, President Bush says fewer Afghan children will suffer this winter. Relief official say almost half of Afghanistan's children are already chronically malnurished.

The American Red Cross will use the money to fund direct programs in the region as well as relief through the International Committee of the Red Cross and national Red Crescent societies. The fund will target children still in Afghanistan as well as those now living as refugees in neighboring countries.

The Bush administration has also approved $320 million in additional aid to help meet the food and relief needs of Afghans this winter.