Egyptian police say they have accounted for about 400 survivors and have recovered 195 bodies following the sinking of a ferry Friday in the Red Sea. Anxious relatives of the 1,400 passengers are continuing to watch and wait.

People are growing frustrated after three days here at the Egyptian port of Safaga. They are out on the streets, they have no place to go, no place to sleep, but worst of all they have no information about their loved ones, whether they are alive or dead.

There is a woman who is weeping and wailing. She has no news of her son. She runs up every time there is an announcement about survivors and some names are read, and each time she has walked away. And now she has broken, she is lifting her hands in the air, she's beating her breast.

People are also complaining bitterly about the accident itself. They say there was a fire on board, there was plenty of time to turn back to Saudi Arabia. That did not happen and so in addition to frustration, people here are angry.