The first UNHCR relocation of some of the tens of thousands of Sudanese refugees on the border with CHAD is scheduled for tomorrow.

The UNHCR says some 95,000 people in the western Darfur region of Sudan have fled their homes into neighboring Chad since March last year. The darfur region has been the scene of conflict for nearly a year with nearly 600,000 people believed displaced. The chaos there is in contrast to the situation in the south, where an end to 20 years of civil war is now in sight.

Jennifer Clarke is a spokesperson for the UNHCR in Geneva. She told English to Africa reporter Josephine Kamara that some 200 people will be transported in five trucks and one bus to the new camp in Farchana, about 55 kilometers from the border.

She also says a second relocation convoy of approximately 200 people is scheduled for Monday. She says similar transfers will be organized every other day for the next two weeks.

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