A Washington, D.C.-based research institute says the 2004 United States Presidential Election had the highest voter turnout in more than three decades.

A report by the Committee for the Study of the American Electorate says 122 million registered voters cast ballots in the November election, which resulted in a second term for Republican President George W. Bush.

That represented more than 60-percent of the eligible voters, making it the highest voter participation since 1968.

The Committee says Mr. Bush won 62-million votes and his Democratic challenger, Senator John Kerry, received 59-million votes. Independent candidate, Ralph Nader, had just over 440,000 votes.

The study says 6.4 percent more voters turned out for the 2004 election than during Mr. Bush's first run for office in the year 2000. However, the committee says 78-million eligible voters decided not to participate.

Some information provided by AFP.