A new study warns that the global warming trend could have an especially severe impact on the Arctic Circle.

The report says rising temperatures threaten to turn the normally frozen Arctic ground into a "sea of mud" that could destabilize oil pipelines and threaten indigenous peoples.

It says the shrinking of the Arctic icecap has already cut off travel routes for wildlife, and the thaw could wipe out polar bears by the year 2100.

The report, by 250 scientists, was funded by eight nations that share the Arctic region, including Russia and the United States.

The study blames global warming on gases from cars and factories.

It says any positive effects of the thaw, such as better farming and fishing conditions, would be outweighed by the threats to the habitats of plants and animals.

Media reports say the Bush administration has resisted putting language in the report that would back broad policies to curb global warming.

Some information for this report provided by Bloomberg and Reuters.