More and more hospitals across the United States are using robots to assist in surgeries. One hospital in the northwestern state of Washington is now using robots for gynecological surgery.

Undergoing surgery is a nerve-wracking process that most patients dread. Having a robot assisting in the operation may only exacerbate patients' fears ... especially now that robots have been approved for the delicate task of gynecological surgery. But medical professionals say robotic surgery is safe.

The robot hand has much more range of motion than a human hand, and can go where the human hand cannot.

Robotic surgery also means the incisions are smaller so the scars are smaller. Patients don't need to worry though; the doctor is still in charge.

The robot is merely a puppet for surgeon Dr. John Lenihan. "The robot is not doing the surgery. The surgeon is still doing the surgery. The surgeon is in total control throughout. The robot is basically holding the instruments. And the robot quite frankly can hold the instruments more stable than I can as a surgeon."

Betsy McGuire-Robinson just went through robotic surgery. And it didn't bother her.

"Because the doctor is right there with you. He's the one who is actually controlling it. Just because there's a robot, he's still in control of it."

There's hope that one day robotic surgery will be refined enough to even handle brain surgery.