International peacekeepers in Afghanistan are reporting a series of rocket attacks on the capital Kabul and northeastern city of Jalalabad. Local sources say at least one person was injured in the Jalalabad incident.

At least three rockets struck Jalalabad, though some local sources report as many as five launches against the city.

Afghan authorities are investigating the attack, which is believed to be the work of anti-government militants, led by remnants of the country's former Taleban regime.

On Saturday night, two rockets hit Kabul. Only one exploded, and no casualties were reported.

A spokesman for the NATO-led international peacekeeping force in Afghanistan, Commander Chris Henderson, says that determining the intended targets in such attacks is extremely difficult.

"The way these things are launched is somebody lights the fuse, plugs their ears, and hopes for the best," he said.

He says the peacekeepers are working with local police to find the launch point for the Kabul rocket attack.

The incidents follow the launch of a new operation by U.S. and Afghan troops to track down insurgents, including Taleban and members of the al-Qaida terror network.

The U.S. military says the new campaign, dubbed "Operation Mountain Storm," will involve all of its more than 13,000 troops currently deployed in the country.

Unconfirmed local reports say some small skirmishes have occurred during the past several days in eastern Afghanistan.