U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is in Romania to meet with President Ion Iliescu and tour a Black Sea airforce base that could be used in future U.S. troop deployments in Europe.

Mr. Rumsfeld is scheduled to visit the Kogalniceanu air base in Constanta Monday before traveling to Bucharest Tuesday for his meeting with Mr. Iliescu, Prime Minister Adrian Nastase, and the Romanian defense minister. Kolgalniceanu was used by U.S.-led coalition forces in 2003 as a staging post for the Iraq invasion.

Later in the week, Mr. Rumsfeld will attend a NATO meeting in Romania, where he is expected to ask alliance members for more support for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Earlier Monday, Mr. Rumsfeld was in Macedonia, where he helped award medals of valor to Macedonian soldiers who served with the Iraq coalition.