Russian police have arrested three people in connection with the acid attack on the artistic director of the Bolshoi ballet.

Sergei Filin was left with severe burns to his face and eyes after a masked man threw sulfuric acid at him outside his home in January.

The interior ministry said Tuesday Bolshoi dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko is suspected of planning the attack. The two other suspects are the perpetrator of the attack (Yuri Zarutski) and the man believed to have driven him to and from the scene (Andrei Lipatov).

A spokeswoman for the Bolshoi Theater, Katerina Novikova said she hopes that the arrests mean that the crime will be solved. She said it was very important for the organization that those who ordered the crime be found and punished.

The Bolshoi Theater is one of Russia's best known cultural institutions, known for its superb classical ballet performances.

But its ballet company has been troubled by infighting that has led to the departure of several artistic directors in the past few years.

Filin is being treated in Germany where surgeons are fighting to save his eyesight. Before leaving Moscow for germany he told reporters that he knew who ordered the attack, but declined to give any names.