Russian and Chinese officials are in Tehran for talks on a proposal that could avert U.N. sanctions over Tehran's controversial nuclear program.

The head of Russia's atomic energy agency, Sergei Kiriyenko, arrived in Tehran Friday for three days of talks with Iranian officials. He is expected to push a plan for Moscow to carry out uranium enrichment in Russia on behalf of Iran to ensure Tehran does not divert material for a weapons program.

China has sent Vice Foreign Minister Lu Guozeng for separate talks with Iranian officials.

The visits come just days before the International Atomic Energy Agency will finalize a report to the United Nations on Iran's nuclear program.

Iran insists its nuclear intentions are peaceful. It recently resumed the enrichment of uranium.

Inspectors from the IAEA are due in Tehran by Sunday. Iranian officials invited the agency and have said they will provide information on an Iranian project, known as Green Salt, that the U.S. believes is linked to the design of nuclear warheads.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.