Rwandans in the Washington DC area today held protests in front of the venue of the G20 summit. They say they were protesting Germany?s decision to arrest Rose Kabuye, Rwanda?s Director General of State Protocol. Braving the light rain, protesters held banners and beat drums chanting ?Free Rose Kabuye?.

 Kabuye?s arrests last week, while on official duty, sparked objections from the Rwandan government, which accused Germany of contravening UN conventions. Kabuye was arrested based on a warrant issued by French Judge Jean Louis Bruguière, in which Kabuye and nine other Rwandan officers are accused of masterminding the assassination of former President Juvenal Habyarimana.

The Washington protestors said Judge Bruguiere?s indictments are illegal and should not be recognized by any government. Robert Kayinamura a Rwandese attorney working in the Washington area hoped the protests would ?send a message to the international community that the arrest was illegitimate?because she (Kabuye) had diplomatic immunity.? He said the indictments were politically motivated and have no legal basis.


 Ines Kaliza one of the other protesters said they want to draw ?the attention of these world leaders, and let them know about the violation of the principle of universal jurisdiction.? She said Germany?s actions should be condemned by all nations because ? of the way weaker countries are treated by some developed nations?they don't see us as partners but subordinates?