South Korean President Kim Dae-jung is in London at the start of an 11 day, four-nation tour of Europe.

President Kim will meet British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Tuesday. Their talks will focus on trade and economic matters.

South Korean officials say Mr. Kim and Mr. Blair are expected to sign an agreement on a joint Korean-British information technology center.

President Kim told a gathering of British business leaders Monday that South Korea could be what he called a "strategic hub" for companies looking to invest in Asia.

He said the security risk for investors in his country has dropped considerably since last year's summit meeting between North and South Korea.

Mr. Kim will leave Britain on Wednesday to visit Norway. The highlight of this three-day visit there will be a speech in Oslo at a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mr. Kim was awarded the prize last year for his efforts on behalf of democracy in South Korea, and his promotion of reconciliation with North Korea.

From Oslo, President Kim will travel to Hungary for a four-day visit. He plans to meet Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

President Kim will wind up his European tour with a visit next Monday and Tuesday to Strasbourg, France, where he will address the European Parliament.