Saddam Hussein reportedly is writing his autobiography while he languishes in an Iraqi prison, awaiting trial for abuses committed during his time in power.

A published report in London Saturday, quotes a member of the deposed Iraqi dictator's legal team as saying "there will be quite considerable detail" in the memoir.

The attorney, Giovanni di Stefano, told The Financial Times newspaper, that Saddam's American jailers have taken a "relaxed" attitude to his writing project, and have allowed his legal team to see some of the work.

Mr. Di Stefano says Saddam is writing about his childhood in Iraq, his time in exile in Egypt and his misguided military adventures.

The defense lawyer is quoted as saying that Saddam's book will try to embarrass the great powers. Among other things, the ex-dictator reportedly will tell how France and Britain betrayed him during Iraq's war with Iran during the 1980s, by appearing to support Saddam but at the same time giving assistance to Iran's Islamic republic.