Family members of a brain damaged Florida woman continue to argue over her care, even after her death.

Terri Schiavo died Thursday, 13 days after a U.S. court ordered doctors to disconnect the feeding tube that had kept her alive for the past 15 years.  Autopsy results, which could provide more information about the extent of her brain damage, are not expected for several weeks.

The woman's husband and parents continue to disagree about her funeral arrangements scheduled for next week.  Mrs. Schiavo's husband plans to have her body cremated while her mother and father want her remains buried in Florida.

Mrs. Schiavo's ordeal has sparked a public debate about the religious, moral and legal right to withhold treatment from severely disabled patients.  That debate intensified in recent days when state and federal courts repeatedly rejected attempts by lawmakers and President Bush to prolong her life.

Opinion polls indicated a large majority of Americans opposed government intervention in her case.

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