Emergency crews at Mexico's Pasta de Conchos coal mine have suspended the search for 65 missing miners, to the outrage of families who have waited nearly a week for news of their loved ones.

Officials announced the suspension late Friday, saying gases in the mine are strong enough to cause another explosion like the one last Sunday that trapped the men underground. Rescue crews plan to pump out some of the harmful methane gas and resume the search for the miners in two to three days.

When news of the suspension reached people waiting outside the mine, some became angry, yelling or grabbing at members of the rescue teams. At least two people became hysterical and were taken away for medical care.

Officials warn it is increasingly unlikely they will find survivors.

The rescuers are using only hand tools to dig through the debris, fearing power machinery could ignite another explosion. Mine officials say the mine passed a recent safety inspection.

U.S. mine safety experts are in Mexico to help with the rescue operation.