Britain has announced that the United Nations Security Council will be briefed Monday on the U.S. and British attacks on terrorist targets in Afghanistan. British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw made the announcement before heading to a meeting of European foreign ministers in Luxembourg.

Mr. Straw says he has spoken with U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan about the military action in Afghanistan, and the Security Council will get a briefing later Monday.

Mr. Straw says he told Mr. Annan that the targeting has been "very carefully" aimed against facilities of suspected terrorists and Afghanistan's ruling Taleban.

Mr. Straw spoke with reporters before traveling to a meeting in Luxembourg of European foreign ministers. He said they will discuss long-term planning to bring stability to Afghanistan.

Mr. Straw also said authorities have no specific information of any terrorist threats to retaliate for Britain's participation in the U.S.-led attacks.

He is urging the British public to maintain their regular routines, but keep their guard up. "We ask people to be vigilant and calm, to go about their normal business," said Mr. Straw. "That's one way of defeating the terrorists, for there to be business as usual, but obviously, to ensure that they take care and if they see anything suspicious to report it immediately to the police."

London police are on high alert. There is extra security at Buckingham Palace, Heathrow airport and at Parliament, which plans an emergency meeting scheduled for 1700 UTC Monday to get an update from Prime Minister Tony Blair on the military action.