The United Nations Security Council has removed the almost three and a half year old arms embargo against Yugoslavia.

The resolution to lift the arms embargo, sponsored by the United States, was adopted unanimously by the 15-member Council without debate. Before the vote, Security Council President Jean Levitte of France told reporters the decision shows how much progress the government of Yugoslavia has made in improving its international relations.

"This is a strong symbol," he said. "The decision by the Security Council reveals the good relations, the constructive cooperation and the trust, which exists now between the democratic authorities in Belgrade and international community."

Mr. Levitte noted that, by lifting the arms embargo, the Security Council had removed the last remaining international sanction against Yugoslavia.

The arms embargo was imposed in March of 1998 after Yugoslavia, under former President Slobodan Milosevic, engaged in the repression of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. Mr. Milosovic is now in detention awaiting trial by an international tribunal on charges of crimes against humanity.