The U.N. Security Council has imposed sanctions on 10 additional entities and individuals linked to North Korea's nuclear or ballistic missile development programs. It has also banned the transfer to or from North Korea of two types of goods that could be used in those programs.

North Korea Sanctions Committee chair, Fazli Corman of Turkey, said the committee has designated five entities which will be subject to asset freezes. Four of them are North Korean, including the General Bureau of Atomic Energy, which is responsible for the country's nuclear program. A fifth entity is a company called Hong Kong Electronics that is based in Kish Island in Iran.

"These entities are linked to the DPRK's nuclear and/or missile programs. In this context, the committee agreed to continue  working to identify subsidiaries of designated entities which are also covered by the relevant measures," he said.

The committee also designated five individuals who will be subject to travel bans and asset freezes. They include two officials from the General Bureau of Atomic Energy and the former director of the Yongbyon Nuclear Research Center.

"These individuals are also responsible for the DPRK's nuclear and/or ballistic missile programs," he said.

Of the two goods added to the list, they are a certain type of graphite and another material similar to kevlar. States are now prohibited from transferring them into or out of North Korea.

The work of the committee is final and does not require any further Security Council approval.

The sanctions are in response to North Korea's underground nuclear test at the end of May, and are intended to choke off funding and supplies to its nuclear program.