Muslims around the world are celebrating the end of the holy month of Ramadan. In the village of Ngor, in the northern Dakar suburbs, the celebrations mean a new wardrobe for many.

In a small, dark wooden shack, Dibril Ndiaye feeds a ribbon of colorful fabric through his machine.

Ndiaye says he has been working a lot during the past month. This year the calendar has not been kind to tailors. Eid Al Fitr and beginning of the school year are two of their busiest times. Both fall within a few weeks of one another.

Ndiaye says he has barely slept since then, pointing to dark circles under his eyes.

In the shade of a cinderblock shack, a shy young man who wanted to be known simply as Mamadou, listens to music with some friends.

He says he has to buy a new clothes to wear to morning prayers. It cost him more than $40. It is a lot of money, he says, but it is worth it. He says he will enjoy wearing it when he spends all night visiting neighbors and celebrating the end of the holy month.