Colombian authorities say at least one person has been killed and 20 others are missing following severe rains in the southern part of the country.

Officials say the rains triggered landslides that have blocked roads and destroyed homes. They say the severe weather struck early Wednesday.

Colombia is in its rainy season, which began in March and will continue through June. Officials say some 40 people have been killed and thousands left homeless by severe weather so far this season.

Separately, the United Nations says Colombia's neighbor, Ecuador, is seeking more international support for some 28,000 families affected by flooding and landslides caused by heavy rains that have fallen since February.

The U.N. says hundreds of Ecuadorian families are currently living in temporary shelters or with relatives in one coastal province and that thousands more will need three months' worth of food aid because flooding has impacted agriculture.

The U.N. also says a cash grant totaling $80,000 has also been provided for relief efforts.