Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon continues to fight for his life at Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital.

Mr. Sharon underwent a scheduled CAT scan again Saturday to check the condition of his brain. On Friday, he was rushed into surgery to stop bleeding in the brain, his second operation since suffering a massive stroke on Wednesday. Hospital officials say he in critical but stable condition.

So, an anxious nation watches and waits. Henry Ozarovsky said prayers at the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest site.

"I was up actually most of the night speaking to my parents about it, and we are watching it very closely, because we think it's important for stability that he survives," he said.

If Mr. Sharon remains stable for the next couple of days, doctors will try to wean him off sedation and gradually arouse him from an induced coma to see how he responds. Then, they can determine the extent of brain damage.