Astronauts from the U.S. space shuttle Endeavour have completed the fifth and final spacewalk of their current mission at the International Space Station, filling their final full day with a number of tasks.

Tom Marshburn and Chris Cassidy ventured out for a spacewalk that lasted nearly five hours Monday.  They installed two video cameras on the Japanese lab, Kibo, did some re-wiring on a pair of gyroscopes, and fixed insulation on a robotic arm.

Endeavour lifted off July 15 for a more than two-week mission to help complete the space station.  With the rendezvous, the space station's population rose to 13 - its largest ever.

But the mission became a little more complicated Saturday, when a space station air purifier popped a circuit breaker and shut down.  Controllers managed to get it working again in manual mode.  NASA plans to send a back-up air purifier during the next shuttle mission, scheduled for August.

If all goes as scheduled, Endeavour will depart the space station Tuesday, and end the days-long journey home with a landing Friday at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP