Health authorities in Singapore are now turning to hi-tech devices in the fight against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS.

Singapore is now screening incoming passengers at The Changi International Airport using a thermal-imaging thermometer that automatically checks a traveler?s temperature. Upon arrival, passengers walk through a sensor that generates a heat-sensitive image. A burst of red color on a computer screen indicates a fever and nurses are on stand-by ready to perform further tests on suspected cases of SARS. It is the latest initiative in the Asian country where 13 people have died in less than a month and new infections are being detected. Other aggressive steps by Singapore in recent weeks to try to contain the outbreak, are quarantining hundreds of residents, and temporarily closing all schools.

On Wednesday, Singapore?s Ministry of Health reported five new cases bringing the total of cases there to 162, the world?s fourth highest. Mainland China and Hong Kong have the most cases detected to date.