One of pop music's biggest new stars is singer/songwriter Katy Perry.  Katy has scored two Number One hits from her debut CD, "One of The Boys" on the Billboard Pop Songs Chart, with "Hot N Cold", and "Waking Up In Vegas."  This is a feat achieved only by three other female pop performers since 2000, including Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, and Lady Gaga. 
Artist has big aspirations

"I want to be the 'what is she doing next' artist," Katy says,  "I really do because all of the people that I am inspired by are those type of artists."
Pop star Katy Perry's parents are both ministers, so gospel music seemed like a good fit for the then 15-year-old singer/songwriter.

"I had a very short-lived couple-month career in the gospel music industry.  I wanted to be successful but unfortunately my record label that signed me went under (out of business) and so did my record," she said.

This setback did not discourage Katy from seeking to find a niche in the music industry.  A move to Los Angeles opened up a new world for her.

"I just wanted to keep making music, and I moved away from home when I was 17, with the blessing of my parents to Los Angeles.  I just started to grow up, you know, and to see things in my life for the first time without any rules or regulations … not that I went crazy about it, but I just started singing about what I was going through without blinders (no reservations), I guess, and I started to become this 'sponge' and just soak up everything," she says, "and I never put any kind of limitations on what I should say when I am writing a song."

A fondness for sassy provocative lyrics

Her fondness for sassy and provocative lyrics drew the attention of industry veterans.  She was signed and dropped by a couple of labels until finally finding success with her debut pop CD, "One Of The Boys".

"I think they (record companies) were actually a little scared of how headstrong I was, and what I wanted to do, and the things I wanted to say.  They were scared that it was not going to work, so finally at the third try, they let me do my thing.  I am very happy for that," Katy said.

In interviews, Madonna mentioned Katy's 2007 Internet release "Ur So Gay" (You're So Gay) as her favorite song at the time helping to make radio programmers take notice of the CD.

Fashion savvy

Katy has always had a distinctive sense of fashion, and this has had a big impact on her fans.  She says although she may have some long range plans in that area, she does not forget what brought her to this point.

"People that have success, they almost become greedy with it. 'Well, now that I am successful, I am going to be an actress and I am going to be a designer of shoes.' They forget why they are even there anymore," she says,  "Sometimes they are like so what is your real talent?"

Catchy pop choruses and fun lyrics have brought Katy two Number One hits.  She says, it is the live shows, however, where her fans can see her real personality.

"I love playing live because I think people go away with a better sense of who I am, and I love seeing live shows because I really think you get to see the full dimension of who that person really is," she said.

Who Katy is, is a multi-dimensional entertainer, who is having a great time … and it shows.