Five years after the death of Frank Sinatra, tributes to the legendary singer are alive and well. Among his many fans is jazz vocalist Tierney Sutton whose latest album honors some of Sinatra's most intriguing ballads, a 12-song tribute titled "Dancing in the Dark."

It's not the first time Tierney Sutton has paid tribute to Frank Sinatra. In fact, each of her first four albums contains one or more Sinatra tunes. For her latest Telarc Records release, Sutton felt the time was right to devote an entire collection to the man known the world over as "Ol' Blue Eyes."

Tierney Sutton began singing in musical theatre and conservatory choirs in her native Wisconsin. It was years later, while majoring in Russian at Wesleyan University in Illinois, that she first discovered jazz. A semi-finalist in the Thelonious Monk Jazz Vocal Competition, she released her first solo album, Introducing Tierney Sutton, in 1999.

Of Frank Sinatra, Sutton says, "It's the dark corners of his work that I find endlessly compelling," while producer Elaine Martone adds, "These songs are fantastic, finely-crafted tunes and they're accessible to everyone."

Tierney Sutton purposely chose songs that have not been widely recorded, believing that, at age 39, she was up for the challenge of more emotionally-demanding material. One of those songs was I Could Have Told You.

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