A Russian woman bought a theater ticket on Tuesday. The seemingly ordinary act was noteworthy because the woman was a hostage in the Moscow theater seige, and the ticket was the first sold for the revival of the play "Nord-Ost" that was on stage that terrible night in October.

Former hostage Alyona Strikalina said she is not afraid to return to the theater where she was held hostage by Chechen gunmen, and where 129 of her fellow hostages died. But she told Russian news organizations it will be a very emotional moment for her.

The play's producers have offered the former hostages two tickets for the price of one, so they don't have to go through the experience alone.

Much of the cast will be new. Seventeen cast members were among those who died when Russian forces stormed the theater to end the crisis. Many others have decided not to return.

Producers are concerned that people might not want to go to the theater or see the play, because of what happened. But Ms. Strikalina is looking forward to the re-opening of the play in February. She said she expects the new production to be even better than the original one.