The European Football Union (UEFA) will discuss new measures to stem fan violence after incidents caused several high-profile matches to be suspended this season.

UEFA chief executive Lars-Christer Olsson said in Tallinn, Estonia Wednesday that proposed sanctions would include loss of points or a home match ban for teams whose fans misbehave. 

Olsson said tougher sanctions, including banning all teams from offending nations, will also be discussed at UEFA's executive committee meeting in Manchester, England in June.

This month, Inter Milan had to abandon a Champions' League quarterfinal match against AC Milan when Inter fans threw flares on the field.  One of the flares hit AC's goalkeeper.  Inter was ordered to play its next four matches in an empty stadium and fined $247,000.

Last month, Swedish referee Anders Frisk retired after receiving death threats for his officiating of a Champions' League match between Chelsea of England and Spain's Barcelona.

In September, a first-round match between Roma and Dynamo Kiev was abandoned after Frisk was hit in the head with an object thrown from the stands. 

Some information for this report provided by AP, AFP.