Somali Official Says Parliamentarians Will Return to Work
Somali Official Says Parliamentarians Will Return to Work

A Somali cabinet minister says he expects a quorum at Monday’s parliamentary deliberations.

Lawmaker Abdirashid Irro Mohammed said his fellow legislative members will be back to work after embarking on various assignments.   

“The speaker has called the parliament (members) to come to Mogadishu. Those who are living (abroad) maybe in Nairobi and other countries and hopefully tomorrow (Monday) there will be a session and those who are in Mogadishu will attend the meeting as well as those the speaker has called. They will come also,” he said.   

The newly elected President of Somalia Sharif Ahme
Somali President Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed's government is battling insurgents.

The speaker of Somalia's parliament Sheikh Aden Madobe over the weekend called on absent lawmakers to return to the capital, Mogadishu within 10 days.

He said it was crucial for lawmakers living abroad to come home so parliament can have a quorum to carry out official business.

Parliament was forced to postpone Saturday’s session after it was determined there were not enough members present to form a quorum.Madobe threatened unspecified legal action if parliamentarians fail to return.

But Mohammed said some absentee legislative members were outside the capital attending meetings.

“As you know the parliament (members) have so (many) things to do. So, some of them are here and some of them went outside for some meetings and some other business. So, most of them are in and out so…they will come,” Mohammed said.

Somali media recently reported that legislators have fled violence at home to the safety of other countries in Africa, Europe and the United States, leaving the parliament without a quorum.

Hizbul Islam militiamen stand guard at the group&#
Insurgents have vowed to overthrow the government.

Hard line Islamic insurgent groups, including al-Shabab, have clashed almost daily with government troops and African Union peacekeepers (AMISOM).

Mohammed said despite the ongoing fighting legislators want to rebuild the country after years of instability.

“No one can ignore that there is a risk in Mogadishu. But those who took the seats of parliament, they took the seats of parliament because Somalia needs to sacrifice. And really we decided to stay in Somalia and to sacrifice for the sake of our people and we (will) save and reinstitute our country,” Mohammed said.