Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Ali Gedi has accused Mogadishu-based warlords of undermining efforts to bring peace and stability to the country.

Mr. Gedi said in a statement that "war-mongering attitudes" do not help peace-building efforts. The statement came as the warlords met to discuss a possible response to a government troop buildup north of Mogadishu.

Mr. Gedi urged the militia leaders to work for the good of the Somali people.

Mr. Gedi and President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed are trying to set up Somalia's transitional government in Jowhar, about 90 kilometers north of Mogadishu. They argue the capital is too unsafe.

The transitional government is trying to restore order to the country, which has been without a functioning government since 1991.

Some information in this report provided by AFP.