Greg Brown is a folk hero who is virtually unknown to most pop music fans. He's been making his own brand of acoustic music for more than 30 years, attracting a loyal audience, and selling out shows wherever he goes. After a yearlong sabbatical from touring, the two-time Grammy nominee has just released Milk Of The Moon.

Once again, Greg Brown proves that economy is a good thing when it comes to songwriting. He is also a very visual songwriter. One who is able to make you feel as if you're a part of the stories he is telling. "Smell of Coffee," demonstrates his gift of invoking all the senses in his imagery, from sights and sounds to touch and smell.

Greg Brown grew up in the midwestern U.S. states of Kansas and Missouri, but lives now in Iowa. He seems to have the perfect heredity for a songwriter. Greg's mother played the electric guitar. His grandfather played the banjo. Grandmother was a poet. His father was a travelling preacher who moved from town to town, and denomination to denomination.

Greg began playing music at the age of six, taking up the pump organ in his father's church. As a child, Greg also studied classical voice and piano, sang in choirs, and competed in statewide competitions. At age 12, he began playing guitar and soon after started writing songs. Greg has released an album nearly every year since 1980. His songs have been performed by Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana, Sean Colvin and Mary-Chapin Carpenter among others.

The songs on Milk Of The Moon focus on one of Greg Brown's favorite topics - love. The song are stories of lost love, embarrassing love, and the power of consistent and faithful love.

Featuring very few drums, the stripped-down instrumentation on Milk Of The Moon gives the album a quiet and reflective air. Greg Brown sings with a big rumbling voice that lets you know this wasn't a recording ready-made for mass consumption. People who take the time to listen closely, however, will find songs that detail life's smallest and sometimes most-special moments, like the ones in "Telling Stories."

Don't lead yourself to believe that all the songs on Milk Of The Moon are without moments of lightness and levity. "A Little Excited" sounds as if it could be a lost 1950s' rockabilly classic written by Johnny Cash.

Greg Brown is a sharp observer of the human condition. His songs are about the things that matter - family, love and connection. On Milk Of The Moon, he again brings these themes to life with dry humor.