For more than half a century, Nashville has been known as Music City, USA. And just as aspiring actors flock to Los Angeles, thousands of country music performers come to Nashville from all over the United States, hoping to make it in music. There is a special place in downtown Nashville where those dreams often come true - the is what the cousins have decided to sing tonight. Like their other songs, Mathew says, it focuses on family values. "It's basically a song that says don't take for granted the time that you have now, Matthew says. "It's all about spending time, saying what you need to say and doing what you need to do so that later in life you don't have any regrets."

Songwriters Lee Millergren and Mathew Shephard say their appearance at the Bluebird café was the highlight of their trip to Nashville. And the warm applause they received from the audience that Monday night gave them hope that they might be back singing on a Sunday night? on their way to being paid to write music.