The corruption trial of South Africa's former deputy president, Jacob Zuma, has been postponed until September.

Presiding Judge Herbert Msimang Monday ordered the court to reconvene September 5 after Zuma's lawyer asked that the case be dismissed. Prosecutors want the judge to postpone the trial until next year.

Zuma was to be tried Monday for allegedly accepting bribes in connection with a government arms deal.

The postponement angered hundreds of Zuma supporters who rallied outside the courthouse in Pietermaritzburg chanting "justice delayed is justice denied."

In remarks to the crowd, Zuma accused prosecutors of stalling. He then sang an old anti-apartheid song, "Bring Me My Machine Gun." The crowd cheered Zuma and joined in.

President Thabo Mbeki dismissed Zuma as the nation's deputy president last year following corruption allegations. Zuma still holds the deputy president title in the ruling party, the African Nation Congress.

Zuma was acquitted of rape charges two months ago. Despite the controversy of that trial, he enjoys a strong following among voters and is seen as a likely contender for presidential elections in 2009.