Police in South Africa say at least 11 people are dead and seven more wounded, after a man went on a shooting spree in the southeastern port city of East London.

The shooting followed an argument between the killer and his girlfriend. Police say she broke off their relationship and she was the first to die.

The killing spree late Saturday occurred in Mdantsane Township, about 900-kilometers east of Cape Town.

After killing his lover the man went on a rampage, going to the home of the woman's parents where three more people were shot to death.

South African police spokesman Stephan Marais said the killer, a security guard, then drove around the area shooting randomly at pedestrians. Finally he went to a tavern, where he killed six people before using the weapon, a 9mm pistol, to kill himself.

All of the victims were taken to East London's Cecelia Makawane Hospital. A spokesman says two of the injured remain in the intensive care unit.