Spanish authorities say they will not decide whether to extradite former Argentine President Isabel Peron until Buenos Aires has lodged a formal request for her return.

Mrs. Peron is wanted for questioning in Argentina about whether she is connected to a right-wing paramilitary organization accused of a series of kidnappings and killings during her administration from 1974 to 1976. The Argentina Anti-Communist Alliance is accused of killing at least 1500 people throughout the 1970's.

Spanish officials say they likely will take several months to decide whether the 75-year-old should return to Argentina.

Spanish police briefly detained Mrs. Peron earlier this month, after another Argentine judge summoned her for questioning about the disappearance of a political activist, Hector Aldo Gallego, in 1976.

A Spanish court has allowed the 75-year-old Mrs. Peron to remain free at her Madrid home pending a decision on her extradition.

Mrs. Peron was sworn in as president following the death of her husband, three-time president Juan Peron. During her brief period in power, Argentina was wracked by violence involving leftist guerrillas and death squads. A military coup deposed her in 1976, ushering in a seven-year military dictatorship blamed for thousands of deaths.