Springfield, Vermont became Simpsons central on July 22, as it premiered The Simpsons Movie.

The New England hamlet rolled out the yellow carpet Sunday night - matching the skin tone of the cartoon clan. Simpsons creator Matt Groening joined the film's producers and thousands of fans in welcoming the first full-length adaptation of U.S. television's longest-running animated show.

Streets were closed off as costumed Simpsons look-alikes vied for tickets to four showings at the 212-seat Springfield Theater. The first showing was invitation-only.

"As Homer would say, 'Woo-hoo!'" said Groening, who spoke at a short ceremony before the first showing. Springfield, Vermont beat namesake cities in 13 other states in an online vote to host the film's premiere.

The town of 9,300 inhabitants received 15,367 votes, narrowly beating the tally of 14,634 going to Springfield, Illinois.

Helping Vermont's Springfield achieve victory was a home-made video in which Homer - played by a local talk show host - runs through town chasing a big, pink rolling doughnut. A mob then chases him into a movie theater.