A suicide bomber attacked a bus stop in northern Israel, killing one person and injuring three others, one of them critically.

The bomber blew himself up after being spotted by a police patrol checking a bus stop near the Israeli Arab town of Umm al Fahm. Witnesses say that he exchanged several words with the policemen and then the bomb went off.

It was the first suicide bombing in Israel in more than a month.

Palestinian suicide bombers have often targeted Israeli commuter buses. The attacker may have intended to board a bus, before he was detected.

A spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon condemned the attack accusing what he called "Palestinian terrorists" of "bloodletting against the Israeli public."

Earlier, Palestinian gunmen opened fire on a car near Jenin in the West Bank, killing one person and wounding another.

The shooting occurred hours after the burned body of an Israeli was found in a West Bank garbage dump, apparently killed by Palestinian militants.

At least two Palestinians were also reported killed in the West Bank. The first died in a burst of Israeli fire after he reportedly attempted to drive his car into a group of Israeli soldiers.

The body of the other, a suspected Palestinian collaborator, was found in an olive grove. He is believed to have been killed by Palestinian militants.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sharon insisted that he would settle for nothing less from the Palestinians than what he called a "total cessation of violence."

The international community is pushing for a truce to end nearly two years of Israeli-Palestinian violence that has claimed the lives of more than 2,000 people.