The Southern African Development Community (SADC) held a two day conference in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia.   Several experts were looking forward to some ground breaking developments from the summit.   Were these expectations met?

Sanday Chongo Kabange, is a broadcast journalist for Radio Phoenix in Lusaka.  He also reports for the VOA.  Akwei Thompson asked him about the outcome of the summit.

?Basically, a lot of people expected the summit to address the meltdown in Zimbabwe tackling what was going on in Zimbabwe.  This did not happen and it go down well in some sections of society? Kabange said.

Sanday Kabange said the major expectations such as finding  solutions to the economic deterioration as well as the political instability were not addressed. He added: ?The other issue was the signing up of the gender protocol which calls for 50 per cent representation by females in influential decision-making positions

Representatives of several international bodies such as the EU said it was ?quite unfortunate that the Lusaka summit did not address the problems of Zimbabwe