Super Bowl 43 kicks off shortly in Tampa, Florida where the Pittsburgh Steelers will try to win a record sixth American football title.  The Arizona Cardinals will try to spoil that quest in their first appearance in the big game.

Arizona used many weapons during the season to win its division and make a surprising march through the playoffs.  Veteran quarterback Kurt Warner led the way with three talented receivers in an effective pass attack that has been missing from the Cardinals playbook for decades.

But Arizona running back Edgerrin James says the Cardinals will move to a more balanced approach in the Super Bowl.

"During the regular season, sometimes you kind of get away from certain things [styles of play]," said Edgerrin James. "But during the postseason, you know what it takes to win.  And any coach in this league knows you have to have balance [between running and passing].  You have to be able to run the ball in the playoffs because of the weather conditions and everything else that goes with football."

But Arizona will have to get past the top rated defense in the National Football League.  Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin says the Steelers will be as tough as ever to beat.

"One thing that we will not do is coach scared or play scared," said Mike Tomlin. "That did not get us here.  We are going to be the Pittsburgh Steelers and maintain our personality in that regard.  And we are going to what we feel is necessary to win."

Millions of people around the world will be watching live broadcasts to see which team delivered on its pre-game promises.