A suspected suicide bomber has killed one person and wounded at least six others in the southern Israeli city, Dimona.   Earlier, Israel said commandos killed two Palestinian gunmen and wounded a third in a pre-dawn raid in the occupied West Bank Monday.  Jim Teeple reports from Jerusalem.

Witnesses say a huge explosion rocked an industrial area in the southern city, Dimona, about ten kilometers from the site of Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor. 

Dimona Police official Uri Barlev told Israel's Army Radio, two attackers were involved.

Barlev says one attacker detonated his explosive belt and the other waited to do so, but was shot by police before he could act.  He says the attackers had help and a high alert has been declared.

Dimona is about 60 kilometers from Israel's border with Egypt.  Israeli authorities have been warning for more than a week that terrorists from Gaza could infiltrate from Egypt, ever since Gaza's border with Egypt was breached, two weeks ago.  

Monday's attack was the first suicide bombing in more than one year, since a Palestinian killed three Israelis in the southern resort city, Eilat.