The man suspected by Stockholm police of killing Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh last September has confessed to the murder, according to the chief prosecutor and the suspect's lawyer.

The chief prosecutor and the defense attorney told Swedish news media that 25-year-old Mijailo Mijailovic admitted he stabbed Ms. Lindh at a Stockholm department store. He confessed during an interrogation Tuesday.

Prosecutors will not say exactly what Mr. Mijailovic told his interrogators, but his lawyer says the crime was not politically motivated.

Mr. Mijailovic was seen on a security video, and was arrested shortly after the murder.

Swedish news media report that Mr. Mijailovic's motive for murdering the highly popular foreign minister is still unclear. The suspect, a Swede of Serbian origin, has a criminal record and is believed to be mentally unstable.

Now that he has confessed to killing Ms. Lindh, Mr. Mijailovic is expected to be formally charged with the murder in a few days.

His trial is expected to start later this month, although it could be delayed if the court orders him to have a psychiatric examination.