Syrian lawmakers have accused former Vice President Abdel-Halim Khaddam of treason for implicating President Bashar al-Assad's government in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

During a session of parliament Saturday legislators accused Mr. Khaddam of attacking the dignity of the country and humiliating millions of Syrians.

In an interview broadcast Friday by the al-Arabiyah television network, Mr. Khaddam said Syria's president told Mr. Hariri he would destroy anyone who tried to hinder Syria's decisions.

He said the threat came just months before Mr. Hariri was assassinated in February.

A United Nations probe of the assassination found evidence that Syrian agents were involved in the killing. Damascus has denied the charge.

Mr. Khaddam told al-Arabiya that no Syrian security service could have made the decision to kill Mr. Hariri without approval from higher authorities.

Some information for this report provided AP and Reuters.