The 21st Summer Deaflympics ended in Taipei on Tuesday with fireworks, drumming and a massive open-air banquet that showcased local Taiwanese delicacies.

The closing ceremony began with a performance by U-theatre, a local drumming troupe.

Russia took home 98 medal at these games, the most of any country. Ukraine came in second with 67 medals, followed by China, with 38. Host Taiwan came in fifth with 11 gold, 11 silver and 11 bronze medals.

The Deaflympics featured 20 sports this year, including tennis, wrestling and judo. A record 4,000 athletes from 81 countries participated.

In addition to providing recognition for their athletic ability, the Deaflympics gave athletes a rare opportunity to spend time in a city with thousands of other deaf people. A pub called the Brass Monkey became a popular gathering spot during these games.

Mariana Drvenkovic is a deaf pharmacy student from Melbourne, Australia who came as a spectator. Because she struggles hearing people, she says she does not normally go out in Australia. 

"I always find a barrier. I always find that I have to put in extra work by asking what's wrong? What's happening? What did she say? Could you repeat? Where here, I can see everyone. I can see every conversation. I feel like I'm in the hearing world," she said.

At the closing ceremony, Donalda Ammons, President of the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf, praised the Taipei games as the best in 85 years. The first Olympic games for the deaf were held in Paris in 1924.

The next summer Deaflympics will take place in Athens, Greece in 2013.