Taiwan says it is sending another 4,000 soldiers to the island's southern regions to rescue thousands of villagers trapped in the devastation caused by Typhoon Morakot.

Dozens of helicopters have been deployed to the region to airlift the survivors, who have been stranded since roads and bridges were destroyed by floods and mudslides triggered by the typhoon.

The death toll from Morakot is now at least 107 people, after more than 30 bodies were found buried at a hot springs area.  Another 61 people are listed as missing.  

Authorities say they have airlifted more than 1,000 people to safety from the devastated region.  

Three rescuers were killed Tuesday when their helicopter crashed into a mountain.

Typhoon Morakot struck Taiwan on Friday and Saturday before moving to eastern China, where it killed eight people.

Taiwan media conveyed public frustration with the pace of rescue efforts.  Critics have accused Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou of not having enough sympathy for the storm's victims.
Mr. Ma met with relatives of storm victims in Taiwan's eastern Taitung County Wednesday to show his support. He also defended the government's efforts, saying his government's response has been broad and flexible.

A Chinese government body that handles relations with Taiwan (the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits) donated about $15 million to the island Wednesday to help with relief efforts.